Standards we do not deviate from

1. Decor
As befitting a 4 star rated apartment, our suites have modern furniture and come equipped with everything you need for the perfect holiday – all you have to bring with you is a smile and a good mood!
2. Cleanliness
Cleanliness is the main pillar of our accomodations here at Polai Apartments, and everything else we provide is based it, allowing you to have a completely carefree and unforgettable vacation.
3. Parking
Despite the fact that our apartments are right i the center of the city, we still went ahead and secured free parking for our guests. However, considering we have 5 suites and only 2 parking spots, prior reservations are necessary.
4. Vicinity
For those of you who wish to experience everything our city has to offer in as little time as possible our location is perfect, as it's in the very ceter of the city and allows you to visit all of its landmarks in 1-2 days. The Polai Apartments are the perfect choice both for shorter, single-day visits (city break, business trips) and longer stays.

We help you have the holiday you deserve

The Polai apartments were opened in 2017 with the aim of providing a modern apartment experience in the very center of Pula. We complement providing superior accommodations at an attractive location with an individual approach for each guest, to provide a unique experience when staying in Pula. Our goal is for our guests to have the city in the palm of their hands, with all its important sights being just a short walk away.

What we focused on to accomplish this was having each apartment equipped with all the necessary furniture and equipment to meet the needs of short-term guests, as well as those who will stay in our apartments for a longer period of time. We've also taken care to provide our guests with the maximum support in terms of getting to know our city, through personal suggestions and via iPads, brochures, city plans and Gourmet guides. Apart from this website, you can also find us on social networks like Facebook and Instagram, through which we strive to develop better communication with our guests and introduce them to even more of the story of Pula. There you can find posts and pictures about interesting things happening in the city, events and everyday stories that make it easy to find the many possibilities it provides.

We'd love to hear from you, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Why Polai

When starting this project, we as a family and as investors focused on every detail and chose every aspect carefully, including the name of the company.

Coming up with a name that would combine the tradition and history of the city with the concept of accommodation, as well as one that would break through the language barrier seemed like an impossible task. However, the perfect idea came along during the first brainstorming meeting, a very easy and convenient solution that we are convinced will become synonymous with quality private accommodations in Pula and beyond.

The word Polai is directly related to the the myth about the naming of the city of Pula, so it was inevitable that the millennium-old story of the city got its name drew us in immediately.

The Myth

Today, many people are very impressed with the legend of the city of Pula. The stories about the Argonauts, the Golden Fleece, the Colchians, Medea, and similar sounding names coming from antiquity to the world today, these names that give off some mythical and romantic nostalgia, all linked to the city of Pula. The legend goes that the Argonauts, former sailors of the ship "Argo", led by Jason, on orders from King Pelias of Thessaly, captured the Golden Fleece of the Colchians, who lived somewhere in the Black Sea (where ​​today's Georgia is). Fleeing from the Colchians the Argonauts went upstream of the Danube and came all the way to the northern Adriatic coast and decided to settle down there, founding what would later become Pula.

We hope that this short myth about the origin of Pula's name awakened a bit of curiosity in you and intrigued you enough for further exploration of the rich history of the city's origins.